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 Developing Your Marketing Strategies
Solution Your marketing strategy is the final process of your plan. Your plan must include both short-term and long-term strategies in order to succeed.

Short-term marketing strategies are those that bring you a temporary boost in traffic. Although these techniques are very important to your over-all plan, they are only a temporary traffic source and must not be solely relied upon.
Short-term marketing strategies include:
• Purchasing advertising
• Bulletin Boards
• Search Engines

Long-term marketing strategies are those that bring you a steady stream of targeted traffic over time. These strategies will continue to produce results even years down the road.

Long-term marketing strategies include:
• Opt-in Lists
• Freebies
• Content

By creating and implementing a balanced marketing strategy, using both short-term and long-term strategies, you will drive a steady stream of targeted traffic to your web site.

If you use this simple formula when creating your Internet marketing strategy and excel at all three, you can literally guarantee your success.

Affiliate Programs
An Affiliate program will enable you to recruit an unlimited number of individuals to sell your products. The key to obtaining affiliates is to offer a nice commission for each sale. The higher the commissions, the more affiliates you'll recruit.

There are thousands of affiliate programs on the Internet. In order to be successful you must sell your affiliate program just like your product. In other words, your affiliate letter should be written like a sales letter. You must persuade your visitors to join your affiliate program by packing your affiliate sales letter with benefits. Tell them exactly what your affiliate program will do for them, how much commission they will receive and make the sign-up process simple.

If you've been struggling with your web site traffic and your sales aren't what you had hoped for, maybe it's time to start using Pay-Per-Click Advertising and pay for some traffic.

Pay-per-click Search Engines provide an extremely effective means of obtaining highly targeted traffic to your web site. The concept is simple. You bid on targeted keywords for as little as .005 per click and receive targeted traffic to your web site.

The key to using this technique effectively is to focus on one specific product and select highly targeted keywords. This will help you to weed out all of the window shoppers and attract your specific target audience.

Ezine Advertising
Ezine Advertising is a highly effective form of online advertising. Not only is it effective, but it can also be very inexpensive depending upon the size of the publication.

The key to using ezine advertising effectively is to target your audience and track your response. You must test the effectiveness of both your ad and the publication in which you're advertising. This will enable you to determine which ads are pulling the most response and which publications are providing you with a high response rate.

Opt-In Email Marketing
Another powerful advertising method is opt-in email marketing. There are many Internet companies that will allow you to purchase targeted lists of individuals who have chosen to receive commercial email messages. Although this form of advertising can produce a good response, it can be rather expensive. Make sure you have fully tested your sales copy and have a good response rate prior to purchasing this type of advertising. In addition, make sure you only deal with a reputable company, as there is a very thin line between "opt-in" and "Spam." Some of these companies may use unethical means of obtaining email addresses. The only company I can recommend is PostMasterDirect.com

Before purchasing any "major" online advertising, make sure you have fully tested your ad copy. Take your time and plan your advertising carefully for the best results. Your success depends upon it.

Email Lists
Developing your own list of targeted potential customers is the absolute most important marketing strategy you can use.

No matter what strategies you're currently using, if you're not collecting the email addresses of your potential customers, you're literally guaranteeing your failure.

Email lists provide you with the ability to create a targeted list of potential customers in which you can advertise on a continual basis. You will have a direct line of communication, which will increase your sales considerably.

The key to creating an effective email list is to provide your subscribers with quality information. The best way to do this is to provide them with a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly ezine. An ezine is a newsletter or publication that is sent to subscribers who have chosen to receive your publication.

In order to build a database of potential customers and start collecting email addresses, you will first need to set up a mailing list. This mailing list must enable your visitors to submit their information and subscribe them to your list.

There are free list services that will enable you to set up a mailing list. However, they are not recommended, as they will not allow you to personalize your messages with your subscriber's names and contain advertising for their service.

Customer Service
Following up with your customers after the sale is an important part of providing good customer service. Not only is it an important part of developing a good relationship with your customer, but it will also enabling you to introduce your new products.

Although sending out a personal message to each of your customers may not be possible, you can provide your customers with the illusion that your message was personally sent. By using auto responders, you can eliminate the need to manually respond each time you make a sale.

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